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Natural Baked Goods

Our baked goods are naturally high in vitamins and micro-elements.

We are a proudly Canadian owned and operated bakery that makes healthy, organic, sugar free, yeast and gluten free, sprouted grain and keto friendly baked goods.

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We naturally cold ferment our breads and baked treats!

The owners and operators of Nature Healing Bakery have always pursued their life-long passion perfecting amazing healthy breads and tasty treats. They are very excited to offer to you and your table their large selection of decadent, savory and deliciously sweet breads and baked goods. Using a long cold fermentation process and healthy flour alternatives including sprouted grains, the Bakery creates fine artisan breads, desserts and nutritious meals that are natural and very beneficial to human health.

These amazing yeast-free, whole-grain and anti-gluten breads are highly digestible and do not have a negative impact on those suffering from Diabetes or Celiac disease. The Keto style breads made at the bakery are a fantastic option for people wanting to cut down on carbohydrates without sacrificing the great taste of flavorful breads and baked goods.

Bread is a genius human invention, we have a genuine passion for helping to improve human health and are pleased to offer to you our natural process and high-quality organic, sprouted and gluten free products.

We are located at 1416 Queen Street West, Toronto Ontario and are ready to serve you!

Gluten, Yeast and Sugar Free

High quality, organic and natural foods are beneficial to your health!

Our Bakery produces very high quality breads and baked goods containing only whole grains. We use organic alternative flours that contain healthy fiber such as rye, buckwheat, oatmeal, almond, coconut, flaxseed and unbleached organic premium wheat flour. Our baked goods are naturally very high in quality minerals and vitamins and micro-nutrients. All of our breads contain 10% germinated grains and do not contain inorganic raw materials, chemical flavor enhancers, dyes, sugar, pesticides or chemicals used in flour bleaching.

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